Rollex Live Poker 5 Easy Winning Tips For Beginners

Rollex Live Poker 5 Easy Winning Tips For Beginners

Online gambling is many gamblers dream come true as there is no need to physically go to the club or casino.

One can have their own favourite spot while making great wins.

Trending now is the Rollex online casino which  is famous among the gamblers.

This online gambling site brings a whole new experience gambling online.

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What is Rollex Live Casino

Rollex live casino is mainly played by Malaysians and well known many online casino players.

Being one of the top online betting products in Malaysia with excellent services. Rollex Casino Malaysia offers a wide range of games such as their Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Poker, Live Sicbo, Omaha Poker and Live Hold’em.

There are more than 100 exciting online slot game and the famous ones are Highway kings, Great Blue, Dolphin Cash, Captains Treasure.

Rollex online casino are well designed with stunning graphic designs that would surely blow your minds off.

Players don’t only have the option to play using mobile but able to use PC version as well.

So, players are able to play anywhere and anytime they prefer.

Registration and creating account is pretty easy as the platform is user friendly.

Once you have created the account with username and password, you are able to deposit a minimum fund and start playing games online.

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5 easy winning tips for beginners in Rollex Live Poker

1) Learn Poker

For new beginners who started poker might seem to have excitement but always remember to learn while playing your cards.

Learn the general rules of poker game you might think it’s easy but there is logic behind every card.

Try to understand what poker ranking is first.

There are 10 decks matching cars that you need to learn before becoming a professional.

Royal flush: Consist of ten, jack,queen,king and an ace all of the same suit.

Straight flush: Five cards in sequences, all of the same suit.

Four of a kind: Four card of the same denomination, one in each suit.

Full house: Three cards of one denomination Flush: Five cards of all same suit

Straight: Five card in sequence

Three of a kind: Three card of the same denomination  and two unmatched cards

Two pairs: Two set of two cards of the same denomination

One pair: Two cards of the same denomination and three unmatched cards

No pair:All five cards of different ranks.

If you are able to understand the 10 decks I’m pretty sure you will be professional poker player.


2) Start low

Don’t risk lots of money but study and plan your own strategy.

Starting up low set the limit at low stake hence you are able to learn the game slowly then to risk all your money at one go

You will slowly understand the game since you are a beginner and try catching up how others plan their card so you are able to predict what cars to toss down next.

Show them you are weak but at the same time it’s a learning process when you begin low.


3) Play free Rollex games online

Try poker free online and study before you playing money in your bets.

There are many free sites and blogs that you can go through before playing for money.

Once you have your own strategy and game plan then start small to see if you are capable to handle poker.

Try reading articles and books related to poker to get a better picture if you are a beginner


4) Position Methods

Your positioning matter the most when it comes to poker.

You are able to win more money so try to play more hands from there.

Early positions try to play real tight.

You will get used to it when you play but as long as you always take position into consideration when deciding which hands to play.


5) Play only when you feel confident

Emotions can be your enemy at times.

When it comes to poker table you might loose your confidence but yet would like to try out for a sake.

Highly suggest to follow your instincts as when you are not confident about the game play you might end up losing what you have on your account.

Take your time and be really patience when you are at poker.


Live poker can be challenging but once you have mastered the game plans and study the card I’m sure that you could be a professional poker player.

It not only depends on your luck but also your strategy.

Best platform to explore for new beginners would always be Rollex Online Casino.

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