How To Avoid Fake Bonus888 Link & Registration Scam

How To Avoid Fake Bonus888 Link

There are many Malaysian online casinos that are being hacked by scammers and it’s fake.

Hence, players should be extra careful of which link they are using to download the website.

Always read the reviews before clicking to see if the website is legit and safe.


Bonus888 Introduction

There are plenty of online casinos which is not legit and most of them are illegal.

To begin with, Bonus888 is a legal site for online gambling and also one of the most trusted  Malaysia Online Casino sites that have a whole lot of competition among other sites.

We have the Judiking, Mega888, and many more as great competitors.

Technology has helped online casinos to provide better betting experiences for players.

It allows players to play at any time and anywhere.

It’s not just an ordinary casino but they have its own way of attracting players to register on its site.

They offer tons of great games, amazing rewards, and quick payment transactions.

Beyond that, you will have a different experience playing online casinos if you are a beginner.

This online casino is known for its 1st class safety and security to all players’ accounts.

Players who love colorful and mind-blowing interfaces can always go to Bonus888 for a different level of the comfort zone.


Bonus888 Games Variety

They have more than 200 slot games to choose from.

These slot games are the most favorable among gamblers.

Besides that, Bonus888 also offers fishing games, Sicbo, Live Poker & Joker123 Slot Games.

All these games come with a high rate for everyone to win something.

Few of the games offer plenty of benefits. It would be exciting to play all the games as you feel the atmosphere of being in the real casinos.

A very cool interface to begin.


Bonus88 for Download & Registration

Just like any other online casino, Bonus88 provides a download link.

Just make sure the link is legit and read the reviews before downloading the link

Once you have downloaded the link click registration to create an account.

Players need to key in their details as required. A new users name and password are needed

Once created the account, re-login back again to the site using the new username and password.

Once login, players need to deposit a minimum sum of money.

Not much of a deposit but a minimum range of RM5 and the maximum of withdrawals is RM50 in your Bonus888 ewallet account.

Those who are newly registered at Bonus888 will get a welcome bonus once register for a new account but each player can only open one account at a time.

Not to be forgotten, if players have difficulties logging in or registering there is always 24/7 customer support who is able to guide you.


How to avoid Fake Bonus888 Link For Download & Registration

There are a few ways that any players who would like to register or download Bonus888 link for the online casino to figure out if it’s legit or not.

1) Read the reviews

It is very crucial to learn all about the website before registering or downloading the Bonus888 link.

It could be any online casino but as long as you read their reviews on the website all about their site if it’s a legit one.

Players could also Google the website and the needed information.

The most important information that you need to look out for that if it’s secured and has good reviews.

2) Read the Terms & Conditions

Always read the terms and conditions before signing up for an online casino.

Make sure there are no hidden charges or agendas.

To read the terms and conditions on how the payments and deposit work to make sure no personal information is sensitive to be shared.

This is also one of the crucial pieces of information that need to be looked out for.

3) Check the Payment Method

Always make sure that you do not share any pins number or sensitive card numbers.

Always make sure if they are requesting this information sure could be scammers.

Players need to bear in mind that not every online casino is legit and there are ways that these scammers could get your personal information.

Most legit online casinos would ask for worldwide bank transactions and mostly those who require cryptocurrency should always watch out as those are easily being scammed by scammers.

There is also a fake online casino that requires you to chip in money for registration and also to download the link.

Always read carefully about how the deposit and withdrawal methods before getting into any online casinos.



There are many online casinos these days that are fake and not legit.

Gamblers should be alert at all times to make sure that they are registering on the right site.

Bonus888 has its own legit website and it’s one of the most secure sites among the others

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